Showered with the EPA’s blessings

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grillUndoubtedly some suspect we harbor Ahab-like obsessions with our great green whale the Environmental Protection Agency which, in our view, is better situated than any foreign adversary to disable the U.S. economy and suppress individual liberty.

So we probably ought to put aside our exasperation and rejoice when the EPA willingly delivers evidence supporting our argument that it considers no corner of anyone’s life exempt from its specialty of command-and-control regulation.

Last week found the EPA—more precisely its grant recipients—halfway through a year-long effort to devise technology to control emissions from—hold onto your hat—residential barbecue grills. If you think this is just another episode of the federal government whimsically wasting your money on goofy boondoggles, think again. The agency’s own website spells out an ambition to regulate cookouts everywhere, expressly referring to “potential global application.”

Scene Two: After eight or ten hours coaxing a rack of ribs to smoky perfection over a (carefully regulated) wood fire, you may want a shower before dinner.  Better make it a quick one, because the EPA has its eye on your bathing habits, too.

Recently we saw a map showing which U.S. counties would fall out of compliance with EPA ozone standards, should the agency achieve the tightening it’s proposed. Nobody could build or expand an emitting facility in a noncompliant area without securing equivalent emission reductions from other sources.  We’ve been to lots of places that would fail the standard—easily accomplished because they cover well over half the U.S. landmass. Some would qualify as wilderness areas. See, the EPA is proposing limits so low, in many places they’re already exceeded by naturally-occurring ozone.

The shower police should resolve any doubt about losing individual liberty. Did we mention disabling the economy?

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