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wreckedcarWe’ve noted our dislike of conspiracy theories, arguing that like-minded people behaving in similar ways is not evidence of a gathering in some dark alley.  Thus we reject the idea of a conspiracy behind the risible consistency of all the many post-facto “adjustments” to official temperature records cooling the past and warming the present.

But that doesn’t mean we think it’s a coincidence. “Official science” finds ways to reflect what official science theorizes is supposed to happen.

It makes you wonder how impervious to reality official science must be if it expects to retain credibility while refusing to fix a defective weather sensor at Reagan Airport.

The governments refusal to correct the ridiculous errors in data from Reagan International Airport is the latest example of the federal government trying to sell regulation that has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with economic central planning.

How do we define “nothing to do with climate?”

This month the EPA published its proposed fuel economy standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.  Reading EPA documents is a painful exercise rewarded occasionally with a true fact the agency is compelled to disclose. Like the expected global-warming reduction from the aforesaid fuel economy standards: 65 ten-thousandths of one degree, Celsius.

Need we mention that’s below the threshold of measurement?

Meanwhile, the expected temperature reduction from carbon dioxide regulations—potentially the costliest in human history—was found to top out at a non-measurable 34 thousandths of a degree.

For this, we’re supposed to replace our entire energy sector with something more expensive and less efficient. Better hope the courts get this one right.

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