Schultz Snipes Again

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Rino_ZebraIt is well established that lesser individuals than Governor Walker, including some theoretically on the same side as Walker are eager for any opportunity to snipe at the chief executive in order to appear wiser and more important. All we can say to them is good luck with that.

The phenomenon was amply on display this past week in the second-guessing of Joshua Inglett’s ill-advised nomination to the UW Board of Regents, now, thankfully, on its way to footnote status.

With a little assistance from State Senator Dale Schultz (R-Dale Schultz), the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Saturday tried to make the withdrawal of Inglett’s nomination seem mean-spirited and petty since, after all, Inglett signed the Walker recall petition back in 2011 but never bothered to vote, so no harm done, right? At least after reading it a couple of times, we guess that’s where they were trying to take the story.

But Schultz’s characteristic spin that the Governor blew an opportunity to “provide leadership and substance” by letting the nomination advance got us thinking. Our take is that leadership and substance were precisely what the Governor was practicing by unplugging the nomination: He was man enough to endure a minor embarrassment rather than try to save face by pretending the nomination was a good idea, which would have made things worse later on.

Ironically, by signing the recall petition and then failing to vote, Inglett proved himself both unsuitable as a Walker appointee, and an unserious person. The good news is Joshua Inglett still has time to grow up. For the self-promoters trying to make hay from Inglett’s misadventure, that bird has flown.

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