Save the Planet: Eat Bugs

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hungry-wormWhat twisted combination of personal insecurity, alienation, aggression, and yearning for martyrdom propels the modern environmentalist movement we will never fully understand, but surely a desire to rain misery upon those who commit the unforgivable sin of being happy lurks not far beneath the surface.

Examples?  Consider the recent advice from ex-UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, that switching our diet from beef to bugs is one way to escape destruction by the imaginary menace of carbon dioxide-induced global warming.   See question 5 in this interview with London’s lefty and massively alarmist Guardian.

The sole purpose of this chatter is to serve as part of the warm-up act for the UN’s upcoming Parisian confab on global warming—the one where Barack Obama will try to circumvent every limit imposed by constitutional government to commit the U.S. to an economic suicide pact in his hubristic enterprise of saving the planet. But we wouldn’t place any large wagers on the number of insect-based selections the high and mighty will find on the hors d’ oeuvre trays when the UN cocktail receptions get underway.

Which is not to say there aren’t plenty of voluntary insectivores right here at home who would like nothing better than to shift your diet to the sort of things a prudent camper shakes out of his boots every morning.  Back in February, someone connected with the Madison Children’s Museum “Sustainability Sideshow” invited us to an “Edible Insect Banquet” featuring “meal worm ‘crab’ cakes, cricket bread pudding, crispy super worm ‘chicken’ salad gougers [sic], wax worm tacos…”

Maybe they do it to shock their parents. Anyway, we now at least have a meaningful definition of “the good old days,” as a long-forgotten era when politicians used to pander to normal people.

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