Sanctioning Sanctuary

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churchA lukewarm Wisconsin Senate is currently deciding whether to take up legislation setting modest penalties (in the form of reduced state aid payments,) for local governments that prevent their law enforcement personnel from checking the immigration status of persons taken into custody for other reasons.

The so-called “sanctuary cities” legislation has already passed the Assembly, fueled by the altogether appropriate anger over an innocent woman’s random murder in San Francisco by a man whose previous bad behavior qualified him for deportation on six prior occasions.

Whatever one’s views on immigration policy, it’s useful to recognize the sanctuary cities bill (AB 450) as a small step toward something with much wider significance; that is, pushing back against the selective and politically tainted law enforcement that’s been part of the standard toolkit of leftist maladministration since the Obama mob took over.

Where sanctuary cities are concerned, our preference might be to look into whether officials refusing to enforce the law are violating an oath of office and thus fit for removal.  Of course any place inclined to accept such behavior probably uses an oath designed to excuse almost anything. Madison’s, for instance, binds officials to “support” the constitution. Lenin could swear to do that, with a halfway clear conscience.

Last week’s passage of AB 450 drew protesting crowds to the Capitol Square in numbers not approached since the Act 10 siege five years ago.

Unpredictable and politically-motivated law enforcement is just one of the reasons people seek a better life in the United States.  That problem isn’t solved by importing it here.

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