Russ Feingold: Foreign-Policy Pit Bull

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puppy(Note to first-time readers:  We’re being sarcastic here.)

Those privileged to observe ex-Senator Russ Feingold over the years are familiar with his insouciant flitting all over the map on high-profile issues, sometimes taking different positions on the same issue in the same town on the same day.

We recall an amazed colleague, back when synthetic Bovine Growth Hormone was the scary non-issue du jour, hearing Feingold tell a Madison breakfast audience that BGH was “an economic issue, not an environmental issue,” and a Madison luncheon audience that it was “an environmental issue, not an economic issue,”—or vice-versa. It was a long time ago.

Some things don’t change with the passage of time, and yearning to get back into the U.S. Senate, Feingold has clearly perceived the necessity of being on both sides where foreign policy is concerned.

On the Iran nuclear deal, for instance, Feingold somehow senses advantage in playing the role of a stupefyingly naïve squish. This must be tailored for Madison audiences, with the expectation that Rusty’s media allies won’t dwell on it.

But to return to the Senate, Feingold must defeat Ron Johnson, who defies most expectations of contemporary Washington by exhibiting actual seriousness as chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Some hard-line stuff will be required, Russ realizes: “Burkina Faso!  Yeah, that’s it!”
(Note to first-time readers: We’re doing it again.)

Islamic extremists in Burkina Faso have been doing what Islamic extremists do, providing an opening for our ex-Senator to flex his national-security muscles by pointing out that if you think Iran developing nuclear weapons is our biggest foreign policy worry, your foreign-policy sophistication is a bit deficient.

Devotees of logical consistency can look forward to a very long campaign.

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