Run on Obamacare!

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obamacare ahead warning conceptual postIt’s almost enough to make us wish we didn’t have to wait another 14 months for the next election.

In August, polling by a major international consulting firm found more than two out of every three Obamacare enrollees were unhappy with their coverage.

Then last week brought word that enrollment is dropping off, suggesting a defiant citizenry prefers to pay fines rather than buy into the Obamacare system.

On Sunday we found out the program won’t make its budget targets unless enrollments double. Good luck.

The monstrosity is imploding, and the only thing missing is some sign of concern on the part of the Obama administration. It would probably be a mistake to look for that: Concern over an imploding program is what you’d expect only if the objective was to provide health insurance coverage, and the purpose of Obamacare is something else altogether.

Note that Mr. Defender of the World’s Oppressed, the scourge of greedy profit-making businesses, has created a program that’s crushing non-profit insurers while the big, profit-oriented companies feed off the program and prosper—a classic symbiosis between big government and big business.

Monday brought the most delicious irony of all. Obamacare’s failures look to be paying off for blue-state cronies who are collecting recovered funds that were poured down the rathole of failed state insurance exchanges even though they never had a dime in the game to begin with.

Like everything else undertaken by this administration, Obamacare is simply a device to facilitate looting and pass the proceeds to political allies. Scott Walker and others have proposed serious plans to eliminate and replace it.  If they’re smart, Republicans will focus on those ideas and ride them all the way to next November.

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