Rule by Ignorance

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More bad weather daily newspaper headlineWe hope you’re half as eager as we are for the day when we can quit writing about bloviating politicians trying to scare people into submitting to the will of the environmental Left, but for now the scare campaign is unrelenting. On Saturday, the Hustler-in Chief incited California graduates to ridicule political leaders who sin by believing what their own eyes tell them:

Obama said rising temperatures and sea levels and intensifying storm patterns define “one of the most significant long-term challenges that our country and our planet face.”

Trouble is, Obama’s own government keeps records showing things he rails about aren’t happening; temperatures are flat, sea-level rise isn’t accelerating, and severe storms have been less frequent, not more so.

Obama is gambling that he can inoculate his pet scam against data showing there’s no warming going on by trashing it before the kids figure it out for themselves.

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