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taxfraudYou know the truth is inexorably working its way out into the daylight when the Obama administration’s media defenders begin reporting that it isn’t.

That’s pretty much the status of the Internal Revenue Service scandal—the one the President himself called a “phony scandal” a few weeks ago, before it got bigger and decidedly, less phony. Sample this gem from POLITICO.  Alongside everything else we could say about it, it’s a textbook demonstration of defensive journalism—getting it on the record that you haven’t flat-out missed  major developments any competent professional would have to report, while pretending they aren’t major developments at all.

Ah, well…POLITICO’s one thing, read mainly by those who already have their minds made up.  But when IRS dishonesty finds its way into publications aimed at (comparatively) low-information voters, that’s a problem for administration spinmeisters. Let’s hope hotel guests and those who prefer to take their fast-food breakfasts sitting down have been opening up their copies of USA Today.

And then there’s the finding that IRS employees generally, not one or two “rogue agents” freelancing in the Cincinnati office, were fully in tune with the Obama administration’s animosity toward anything that looked like a potentially effective Conservative organization.

Presumably we aren’t expected to believe that people who are smart enough to grasp the U.S. Tax Code are too dim to figure out what’s expected of them when the Godfather says he’s irritated with some troublesome political rivals.

And as of Monday there’s a new question: How is recent IRS retiree Lois Lerner going to pay for her high-end legal talent now that she’s going to be on a fixed income?

Stay tuned.

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