Rehabilitating “Separate but Equal”

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books_scaleA hallmark of educational theory is the infinite flexibility with which its concepts may be defined.  Some element of the curriculum stirs controversy?  No problem!  It doesn’t mean what uninitiated parents and taxpayers think it means.

Often as not that will be true, since half of what the educational bureaucracy speaks of has no meaning.

But far from meaningless are the concepts marketed by the Pacific Educational Group (PEG), living proof that fundamentally racist attitudes can be quite fashionable, provided they are held by doctrinaire Liberals who presume to instruct the rest of us in the error of our color-blind ways.   Only to race-obsessed Liberals like the proprietors of PEG would it occur to segregate school children by color.

Half a dozen Wisconsin school districts have been buying PEG’s services, so some of your tax dollars are being used to advance educational theories that would set off a firestorm if they were expressed by anyone connected with a choice or voucher school, or just anyone not instantly identifiable as a professional leftist.

Of course the catch is that those theories wouldn’t be spoken by anyone in the parental choice sector, because that sector wouldn’t exist except for its conviction—borne out by graduation rates and college enrollments—that minority students will excel, given the opportunity and a quality of instruction that engages their attention and respect.

The scarcity of those opportunities is fully sufficient on its own to explain the popularity of school choice. The educational blob, as Bill Bennett so aptly calls it, seems down to its last excuse, the invidious pretense that black kids are culturally incapable of making the cut.

At least we hope that’s the last excuse. We can’t imagine what the education establishment will start claiming if it sinks any lower.

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