Recalling History

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bucksGet ready for one of those “Oh, yeah” moments, when you realize you’ve seen something before.

The modern history of Wisconsin recall elections didn’t start with the 2011 and 2012 confrontations of government unions against legislative Republicans and the Walker administration. It started with legislative Republicans doing something lots of private-sector unions wanted them to do, whereupon the unions’ wholly–owned subsidiary, the Democratic Party, cashed in: Republicans gave the Democrats’ core constituency what it wanted and Democrats pummeled Republicans for giving it to them.

Does the name George Petak sound familiar?

Petak was the first Wisconsin legislator ever recalled from office, following his deciding vote in 1995 to create the special taxing district to raise revenue for Milwaukee’s Miller Park. Ordinarily, Democrats love to create special taxing districts. In this case, running the guy who gave them one out of office also gave them control of the State Senate.  The new majority laughed all the way to the bank—er, stadium.

It’s timely to remember this because Democrats aren’t alone in cheerleading for the “millionaires and billionaires” who anticipate making additional millions from a new Milwaukee basketball arena, provided they can once again snooker the GOP into authorizing another taxing scheme redistributing middle-class income to millionaires and billionaires who in this case aren’t evil because they’re Obama campaign contributors.

Unlike the Left, we have no generic objection to people getting rich. But since we think middle class workers should stand on their own two feet, it would be unseemly to expect less of people with resources so vast they might turn a billion into two billion overnight.

Here’s to success for the Milwaukee Bucks and their new owners—not in the taxpayers’ new arena but in their own.

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