Puzzle Pieces

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moneypuzzleUntil recently, it was usually prudent to withhold immediate judgment when it appeared something nefarious might be going on, even in government. Let the picture clarify before jumping to conclusions.

Those were the days.

Had anyone by 2012 still felt a need to wait and see if the Internal Revenue Service really was being used as a weapon to suppress political expression by the American people, the waiting is over.  The stop-us-if-you-can administration is doing what it aims to do every day: change the rules (when not ignoring them) to make open dissent a crime.

The Obama Administrations’ appetite for breaking, changing or ignoring the rules—or at minimum pretending they apply only to everyone else—reveals itself to be insatiable.  Or to put it more plainly, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Indeed, there is yet one more puzzle piece coming into focus, best described by an old adage of the Leninists:  “Always accuse your adversary of whatever it is you are planning to do next.”

For the Left, politics is never about the free competition of ideas. It’s about suppressing competing ideas by twisting reality and abusing lawful standards to make the expression of those competing ideas appear improper and possibly criminal.

Jumping to conclusions is no longer the rash act it used to be.

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