Poverty on purpose

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alternative-energyWe don’t hear it as much on this side of the Atlantic, but for years since the climate swindle became a leading excuse for expansionist government, people in Britain have grown familiar with the phrase “fuel poverty” or the synonymous “energy poverty.”

Minimal explanation is needed. Energy poverty is what you get when self-aggrandizing governments deliberately force society to turn away from affordable, dependable energy sources and replace them with more expensive ones that don’t work nearly as efficiently when they work at all; i.e., spurning fossil fuels and adopting windmills and other medieval technologies in their place.

It’s those policies and the resulting energy poverty that have literally killed thousands of people in Britain every winter of late.

This is on our minds because British winters tend not to be nearly as severe as ours, and because Barack Obama has again made obvious his absolute intention to create energy poverty here.

In more polite terms than we would use Paul Ryan has advised the president what he can do with his oil tax—an idea so politically obtuse it was almost unnecessary to label it d.o.a.  But the mere fact that it was suggested is a crucial piece of information.

Any normal president—any Democratic president until this one—would celebrate low oil prices if only to bask in the political credit for Americans’ reduced fuel costs. This one finds low oil prices intolerable; an impermissible interference with his goal of—what, exactly?

As far as we can tell, the goal is twofold: collect more money to redistribute, and control everybody’s energy use by deliberately making it more expensive. If you control a person’s energy use, you control the person, period, explanation complete.

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