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IRSLast Friday, California Congressman Darrell Issa told a broadcast interviewer that the Internal Revenue Service is still targeting conservative groups for unlawful harassment more than two years after the Obama administration said that sort of thing never happened and anyway, was being stopped.

Also last Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported that ongoing IRS mistreatment of conservative groups includes—according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report—improperly targeting such organizations for audits.

The Journal says the IRS Exempt Organizations Unit applies protocols allowing groups to be treated adversely based on their “religious, educational, political, or other views.”

Are we naïve in objecting to the IRS engaging in the kind of behavior that in the past prompted mass migrations—Think Pilgrims and the Mayflower—centuries before the eminently applicable term “un-American” was invented?

According to the Journal, the GAO found that among audits resulting from outside referrals, the IRS had no documentation for about 25 percent of the original complaints. Ponder this:

  1. “No documentation” can have awfully unpleasant consequences when the scrutiny is directed by the IRS at some hapless taxpayer; and,
  2. Why would anyone with their wits about them assume innocent intentions on the part of this agency when it can’t or won’t say why it chooses to go after organizations that disagree with the current administration’s policy agenda?  “No documentation” looks more like a convenience than an embarrassment.

Since the Reagan administration, the Left has pursued a deliberate strategy of attempting to criminalize policy disagreements, opening doors for treatment of adversaries never dreamed of in the American political system.

But if there’s criminality to be proven, the chances of proving it appear increasingly fertile in investigating the Left, not the Right that so regularly stands accused.

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