Pass the popcorn, extra salt

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audienceMary Burke, the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s hand-picked candidate to take on Governor Walker this fall, has something she wasn’t supposed to have:  primary competition.

If this is something cooked up by party insiders to let Burke handily defeat an opponent and create the illusion of momentum going into November’s general election, it’s an example of being too clever by half.  But we don’t think that’s what it is.

What we think it is, is a flaky environmentalist breaking the leash and going off to promote loopy Green causes under what he expects will be a statewide spotlight. But if Brett Hulsey succeeds in pushing Burke even farther to the left to keep the enviro-base corralled, the result could be to make her candidacy radioactive for the November showdown.

Sadly, that doesn’t look like a strong prospect.  In what might well be a fire brigade operation, the lefty League of Conservation Voters turned up almost simultaneously with Hulsey’s announcement to give its endorsement to Burke.

The “mainstream” media remains a bit of a question mark.  On one hand, there’s been no hesitation by PolitiFact to bust Burke for telling whoppers on multiple occasions. On the other hand, there are the previously published stories about people reporting unease over Hulsey’s odd antics at Madison beaches and off-putting Capitol office behavior making a staffer uncomfortable.

But hope springs eternal, and Burke hasn’t thus far exhibited the kind of savvy that would reliably prevent her engaging and looking as divorced from reality as her new antagonist.

So keep some corn handy for popping. The second act could turn this campaign into a good show.

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