Overwhelming the System

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Information OverloadCuriously, in the first million words of commentary spoken and written about the waves of unaccompanied minor children being herded illegally across the southern border, we don’t recall anyone mentioning the phrase ”overwhelm the system.”

Maybe it’s beyond imagining that officials of the United States government would deliberately contrive, or at least acquiesce in what amounts to an unarmed invasion of the country by people who will become wards of the state.

Or maybe it’s too easy to imagine government officials at best condoning and at worst abetting such an invasion as responsible people in positions of authority cringe at the prospect of acknowledging their belief that the chaos on the border is taking place with official support.

The first version took a heavy hit Friday, when Investor’s Business Daily, based largely on the views of former Border Patrol officers, became the first media voice to mention the infamous “Cloward-Piven Strategy” for engineering the ruin of social institutions.

It didn’t get any better for the Obama administration when that same day brought word that current border agents are being threatened by their bosses with criminal charges if they talk to reporters.

Cloward and Piven, recall, were two leftist professors who in 1966 openly promoted a plan to “overwhelm the system” by flooding state welfare programs with impossible demands, collapsing state finances and giving Democrats an excuse to intervene, massively enlarging the federal government.

There are lawful ways to pursue that detestable strategy. An arranged invasion isn’t one of them.

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