Operation “Overlord”

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“It’s true! It’s true! The crown has made it clear. The climate must be perfect all the year.” – King Arthur (Richard Burton), in “Camelot”

Just for the moment, set aside the underlying nonsense of assuming Planet Earth has but one climate which is unvarying and, Camelot-like, at all times benign, like La Jolla but without the high real-estate prices and all that pesky fog in the wintertime.

Maybe, in addition to its delightful climate, La Jolla is on our minds because nearby, the Marine Corps rehearses amphibious assaults, and the Pentagon’s best minds now say everything the military does is in need of immediate rethinking because of global warming. This month, a couple of the Defense Department’s Obama appointees decreed that the U.S. military will incorporate “climate change” planning “across the full range of military operations.”

You can sleep at night knowing plans are in motion to keep the annual two-millimeter rise in worldwide average sea level from bollixing the next invasion.

Let’s connect some dots.  Two weeks ago we noted the Securities and Exchange Commission being pressured to force publicly-traded companies into increased “disclosure” of climate-related risk. The breathtakingly stupid Pentagon directive, which cynically aims to exploit one of the few institutions Americans still trust, is more of the same.

“The same” being the methodical abuse of every corner of government to pound home the message that you’d better believe in global warming and do as our overlord King Obama says.

We remember comedian Dennis Miller saying, with regard to predictions of sea level-related mass extinctions, “If I can’t get out of the way of something that’s moving at the rate of one foot per century, I deserve to be extinct.”

We suspect the Marines are resourceful enough to cope.

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