One Man’s Virtue…

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big_blank_blackboardFurther comment beyond  what’s already been said about last week’s Garland, Texas shootout that left two apparent ISIS adherents agreeably dead hardly seems necessary, but just for good measure…

An unnerving number of Americans who fancy themselves to be high-minded defenders of tolerance and “diversity” seem prepared to sacrifice those values by exhibiting deference to barbarians who despise them.  In those circles, a courageous stand in defense of human enlightenment usually means making scurrilous remarks about people or institutions that are guaranteed not to respond in kind.

So the next time some sensitive Liberal questions whether the organizers of the “draw Mohammed” competition were behaving “wisely” or being “responsible citizens” or acting in a “prudent” manner—as we’ve heard some ask—we hope we get the chance to ask them how long they expect to remain free to parade their condescension if we accommodate the preferences of a movement so depraved and evil as to seek virtue by murdering people over cartoons.

That about covers it.

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