Occupy Animal Farm

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farmAnother quirky story popped up this past week, and as frequently happens, we found out about strange happenings in this country from a British, not an American newspaper.

It’s only the most recent example of a so-called “animal rights” group trying to use the courts to award animals legal standing of their own.

More often lately, we’ve had occasion to ask what this has to do with a newsletter concerned primarily with economic and personal freedom. Actually, it goes to the heart of preserving the rule of law, without which economic and personal freedom are a total crapshoot.

In actions such as this one, the temptation may be to view plaintiffs as eccentric but benign individuals concerned about humane treatment of animals. The reality is one more instance of the Left doing what it always does: manipulating institutions of civil society to destroy themselves.

Giving monkeys “legal personhood” does not elevate monkeys, it diminishes humans. If we embrace the notion of humans and animals are on equal footing for legal purposes, we are saying anything that can permissibly be done to an animal can permissibly be done to…well, you.

And then good luck if you happen to get in the way of something serving the interests of wealthier, more powerful, umm, animals.

Let this work through to its logical conclusion and the bottom line becomes precisely this simple: If you’re in the club—that is, if you’re in favor with the regime—you can do whatever you want and there will be no problem about it. And if you’re not in the club, it will be equally problem-free for anybody to do whatever they want to do to you.

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