Obama’s War on Workers

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ObamaCare Ahead - Caution SignHaving kept an eye on politics and public policy since the early 1960s, we find it remarkable that nothing in our memory has produced a daily torrent of calamitous headlines on the level of Obamacare.

In fact, nothing has ever come close.

So, here is your weekly One-Stop Little Shop of Obamacare Horrors:

A former director of the Congressional Budget Office has figured out that Obamacare will inflate costs for union pension funds—lots of them already underfunded—and the administration last week balked at the cost of bailing out its union buddies.

Last Friday, they made it official and said there would be no subsidies to protect multi-employer plans.  Stay tuned and see how long that lasts.

More than 1,000 people in Michigan will become unemployed, thanks to Obamacare’s new tax on medical devices—you remember, right? It’s the tax to make medical equipment more expensive so health care can be “affordable.”

The Labor Department says if employers feeling safe from mandates until 2015 fail to send a coverage notice to their workers by an October 1 deadline, they don’t need to worry about being fined. We guess this means they won’t be fined unless the administration suddenly decides to follow the law.

Depending on which provisions are involved, the administration’s union allies who lobbied furiously for Obamacare are unhappy that the Supreme Genius isn’t enforcing parts of the law, and unhappy that he is enforcing others.

Meanwhile, another union boss worries that Obamacare may cause his members to lose coverage, making us wonder whether life might be fair after all.

And since they haven’t hesitated to make the accusation against people who’ve never done them any harm, we also wonder when they’ll start calling this a “war on workers.”

One thought on “Obama’s War on Workers

  1. Menard

    You are so wrong. My children who are under 26, DEFINITELY bfeenit already from the provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act. You guys are living in the Stone Age. Have you ever been to Europe? Have you ever been denied coverage because of a totally unrelated “pre-existing” condition? This law will enable us to move forward and actually begin cutting healthcare costs. THIS is what will bankrupt the US not the provision of universal healthcare, shared by all Americans, as it is in every other civilized country on this planet. Last of all, rationing is what we have NOW in our healthcare system. It’s immoral and despicable.


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