Obama’s Vengeance Weapon

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borderpatrolWe’ve already been through a couple of years’ worth of the Obama administration  illegally “changing” laws passed by its own congressional majorities, in order to sneak past elections and dodge the political fallout from its offenses against the nation.

The first time or two, the whole idea of ruling by decree might have seemed so unbelievable it barely registered. But somehow this administration doesn’t improve its skills as it accumulates experience. Either they’re getting worse at concealing their ill intent, or they think their teacher union allies have so successfully extinguished all understanding of the principles of American government that they don’t need to bother disguising their plans.

So now, with the Obamites facing the potential loss of their U.S. Senate majority in two weeks—specifically due to widespread revulsion at Obamite policies—they are barely trying to conceal their plans for revenge against America as soon as the November 4 elections are over.

Two stories came out this week, revealing plans to flood the country with presumed Democrat voters, through unilateral amnesty for literally millions of illegal immigrants.

The numbers vary—anywhere from nine million to as many as 34 million people.  Curiously, where mainstream media are concerned, it’s easier to find stories from across the Atlantic Ocean than from here.

The strategy is obvious enough: If American citizens won’t roll over for enviro-fascism, then overwhelm them by substantially altering the population of the United States.  If you can pack the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, why not “pack” the entire populace with your presumed supporters?

We may be witnessing the first presidential administration to do damage to the United States with every action it takes. Repairing the destruction wrought by its vengeance will take a very, very long time.

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