Nuttier than Madison

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Singing the bluesA city apparently even more committed than Madison to militant, environmentalist Liberalism has elbowed its way into the spotlight, and it’s not on either coast.
Boulder, Colorado, is a cautionary example for the mind-your-own-business variety of citizen who may need to spend more time looking over his shoulder for Leftist hijackings of everyday life.

The sort of university Liberals who presume they can legislate their own reality dominate Boulder politics have beavered away for years toward a government takeover of the private-sector energy company that serves their community, claiming it doesn’t provide enough “renewable” energy and hence insufficiently supports Boulder’s heroic struggle against global warming.
Ironically, Xcel Energy furnishes the most wind-generated electricity of any U.S. utility, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to guess that Xcel executives thought making that choice at their customers’ expense would buy them the greenies’ good will.

A fat lot of good it’s done them in Boulder.  The city is on the brink of seizing Xcel’s assets—including some outside the city’s jurisdiction—to set up its own utility and sell soft, fluffy, pine-scented green electricity it evidently plans to buy from others—maybe Xcel?

Not content with taking over private property, the Boulderoids last fall campaigned successfully to deny citizens a direct vote on limiting the debt their new plaything could incur.
For the rest of us, the relevance is twofold: No matter how hard it tries, no business or industry can ever pander enough to keep the environmental movement from sticking a knife in its back whenever it’s ready.  And however far-removed you think you are from the East- and West-Coast nerve centers of Leftism, if you aren’t careful you can be had.

As its name suggests, Colorado used to be a red state.

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