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obamacare ahead warning conceptual postJust when warnings about the insidious nature of Obamacare began seeming redundant, Obamacare’s insidiousness exceeds our worst fears.

The individual mandate to buy health insurance—the essential mandate without which Obamacare is all but nonexistent—has been postponed for two years.

Rather than announce this favor to its key constituency of healthy 20-somethings, the administration denied it had happened at all. Evidently intended to pass unnoticed in order that suckers would go ahead and purchase unwanted coverage, the delay, hidden three months ago in an altogether different rule-making, was discovered by happenstance.

And so the whole enterprise grows more sinister: Revisions have rendered the program a cipher with few immediate consequences but immense ones for the unknowable future when the regime decides the moment is right for the massive imposition.

Leftists will hold back as long as necessary, but clearly intend to spring this monstrosity on a bemused nation the minute they believe they can get away with it. When will that minute arrive? It depends on what Republicans accomplish in the 2014 and 2016 elections.

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