Normalizing the Crackpots

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cracked potInfrequently mentioned among the Obama presidency’s baleful consequences is the arguably defining fact that compared with six years ago, it is today far more difficult to confidently dismiss exotic political opinion as crackpot thinking,

Were it among contemporary American society’s notable gifts, a long memory might be useful. But even an encyclopedic knowledge of past crack pottery will offer little help.

Nobody, for instance, will remember a president apparently working furiously to facilitate acquisition of nuclear weapons by a nation whose head of state participates in chanting “Death to America.”

We’ve heard it alleged that agents of the Soviet Union occupied positions of influence in more than one administration. Those accusations included partial truth and partial crack pottery.  We recall the probably crackpot accusation that a president knowingly allowed a sneak attack against the United States to acquire an excuse for entering World War II. But have we ever before heard people ask—without triggering an embarrassed silence—whether the president of the United States favored the nation’s enemies?

Be grateful for Occam’s Razor: So long as less convoluted explanations remain available, it is sensible to assume Obama is not a deep-cover agent of the Iranian mullahs. He is far more plausible as an example of the windbag who never quite left school, parroting the tiresome claptrap from the armchair revolutionaries of the faculty lounge.

The risk of implementing the Left’s policy preferences has faded as they meet increasing resistance from an alerted populace.  More lasting damage may result from their success in severing the connection between public discourse and reality.

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