No Big Mystery

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mysteryPast hostile receptions explain why Republican presidential candidates mostly don’t appear before the National Urban League. But last week two GOP hopefuls—Jeb Bush and Ben Carson—did so in Miami. There may be no better time than now for the GOP to appeal for electoral support from Black Americans.

At the Urban League gathering, Bush suggested Black voters consider alternatives to the long-term failure of Democrats—including the first Black president—to lead them out of the substandard economic circumstances escaped so much more rapidly by other groups who struggled to overcome racial and ethnic prejudice.  Carson promoted the entrepreneurial spirit. Clinton served up the predictable Liberal government-as-savior pabulum.

It’s ironic that by almost any measure—unemployment, workforce participation rates, take-home pay—Black Americans are worse off than before Barack Obama became President of the United States, indeed, conspicuously worse off than when his Conservative White predecessors governed.  This may understandably aggravate Black frustrations. The right response for Black voters and especially for Republican candidates, is to connect the proverbial dots.

Irony, after all, mustn’t be confused with mystery, and Black economic misfortune coinciding with the Black political ascendancy was the subject of penetrating insight in a recent column by one of Black America’s most compelling voices, economist Thomas Sowell.

Rule out racism as the explanation for Black disadvantage in a nation where a Black man with a thin resume can be twice elected president. The reason for Obama’s unique failure is not that he’s been doing the bidding of Blacks, but that he’s been doing the bidding of White Liberals, applying their worst ideas with a vengeance.

Those ideas destroyed Black families and have suppressed Black social and economic progress. Black voters and Republican candidates should stop pretending not to notice.

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