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irs ahead post signRemember the IRS scandal?  Remember how, way, way back in the late spring of 2013, we found out that the Internal Revenue Service had been targeting Conservative groups for special scrutiny transparently designed to shut them up in the months leading up to Barack Obama’s re-election?

Yeah, we know you remember all that. It’s just the mainstream media that’s tried so hard to forget about it, hoping you’ll do the same.

But you know what they say about elephants.  Republicans in the House of Representatives exercising their oversight authority are shining the harsh light of truth on the almost-forgotten scandal—no, wait.  Scandal is far too gentle a word.  Call it the Obama administration’s premeditated, coordinated, criminal attack on Americans’ First Amendment freedoms.

And last week House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) released findings that expose more Obama lies.

Yes, we said “lies.” Our beloved leader has tried to explain away new IRS rules stepping up the crackdown on Conservative groups by feigning confusion over the interpretation of long-established rules governing political speech by tax-exempt groups.  Camp’s efforts have unearthed proof that the crackdown was in the works long before interpretation of the established rules was ever claimed to be at issue.

Of course, none of us who have been paying attention ever doubted for a minute that the ongoing abuses represent anything other than the conversion of the IRS into a political police force, tasked with chasing down and silencing administration critics.

But thanks to Representative Camp and his colleagues, we’re no longer talking about our opinions. We’re talking about proven facts.

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