Mary the Millionaire

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The Democrats think they may have found the perfect candidate to challenge Governor Scott Walker next year.  In fact, they’re so excited by the prospect, they’ve already registered 6 separate internet domain names and have poll tested messages to see if Jim Doyle’s former Commerce Secretary, Mary Burke will stand up to scrutiny.

The poll hit a snag when the questioner refused to tell a respondent who was paying for the call. State law requires political organizations to disclose who is sponsoring polling and advocacy phone calls.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, and in doing so revealed what the Democrats perceive to be some of Mary Burke’s biggest vulnerabilities:

As part of the poll, several message testing questions were asked, including whether voters would be more or less likely to vote for Burke given the following information:

  • Mary Burke took a snowboarding sabbatical and avoided working during stretches of her life
  • Mary Burke spent six figures running for a school board seat, and could spend millions running for governor.
  • Mary Burke’s family business, and former employer, has outsourced jobs overseas

“The first impression of Mary Burke is that she is out of touch with Main Street Wisconsin and places herself above the law. Voters deserve better, and I trust that the Government Accountability Board will resolve this issue in a timely and efficient manner,” Fadness said.

We never trust the Government Accountability Board to do anything in a timely or efficient matter but hats off to the Wisconsin GOP for asking.

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