Majority Justification

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dollar_signWe’re baffled.

We regard Republican legislative majorities as indispensable to economic growth, and many of us worked hard— ever since the 1980s building those majorities.

There’s talk of Republicans losing seats next year if the legislature repeals the prevailing wage law.

What baffles us is the apparent inattention to the question of what happens if Republican’s don’t repeal prevailing wage.

We recognize that prevailing wage beneficiaries, roadbuilders and other contractors specializing in public works projects, donated last year.  Some of that money would certainly disappear with prevailing wage repeal.

But is that it?

Any Republican should be eager to run on the issue of $300 million in annual taxpayer savings through prevailing wage repeal, but don’t make the mistake of assuming Democrats won’t run on it. Yes, decades ago prevailing wage was a gift to the Democrats’ union allies. But can anyone seriously believe—in 2016, with the brazenly deceitful Hillary Clinton topping their ticket—Democrats would hesitate to misrepresent their own abuses to damage their opponents?

Just imagine the troubled-sounding announcer—in ads conceivably  paid for by unions that benefit from prevailing wage—“Even  the respected, nonpartisan Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance estimated Republican special treatment for their big-business cronies cost state taxpayers up to $300 million a year…”

They won’t call it by name, and no, the issue is not too complicated to work, and no, the accomplice media will not come out with the truth.

You know the political maxim that “if you’re explaining, you’re losing.”  Democrats won’t bother explaining prevailing wage, but could force Republicans to do so, and frankly, the explanations available to the GOP don’t sound remotely good, even to us.

There’s one way around that problem…

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