Locals, out of control

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gonecrazyJust last week we made some snarky comments about the logical implosion caused by a couple of left-wing bumper stickers we observed on Madison’s oh-so-righteous west side.  Now it looks like the Milwaukee newspaper is doing editorials-by-bumper-sticker, with similarly ludicrous results.

Sunday’s Journal-Sentinel scolded the Legislature for “messing” with local control. That’s the same Journal-Sentinel that so intensely dislikes lawmakers defending local control against a Department of Public Instruction that thought it should be able to force local school districts to change their team names if even one person—not necessarily anyone local, by the way—says they’re annoying.

But this is different. This time it’s about locally controlling the expenditure of other people’s money.  The Journal-Sentinel thinks the Republican-controlled Legislature should butt out, and not being mind-readers we can’t say whether it’s because big-government Liberals would appear to be have the strongest motivation to exercise this variety of local control.

The issue is not complicated: The Legislature represents a statewide interest in prohibiting a local minimum wage because it would make services and projects funded with tax dollars more expensive than they need to be.

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