Job Creators, Job Destroyers

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hiringThe Great Recession ended, according to the textbook formula, six years ago in June, yet many Americans have persisted in believing the country is still in recession and nationwide polling shows only a pitifully small percentage of voters—27 percent as of a couple of weeks ago—think the nation is “on the right track.”

That statistic provides a ready answer for anyone who thinks it unfair, or ducking the issue, to say the Obama administration is principally to blame for the failure in Wisconsin to reach Governor Walker’s job creation target of a quarter-million during the first term.

Those who require further explanation need to ponder why job-creation would be a disappointment in a state that resolved a multi-billion dollar deficit, balanced its budget, and cut taxes, unless some external force was at work.

They also need to consider that despite the stiff headwind blowing out of Washington, D.C., this state has been posting some pretty good numbers. Private-sector job creation looked healthier, topping eight thousand last month, according to numbers just released by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Given what they’re up against in the continually metastasizing federal regulatory apparatus, Wisconsin’s private-sector job creators are lucky to hold their own and they’re to be congratulated when they actually add new jobs.

Imagine what they’d be able to do if, just over 14 months from now, Republicans present a credible growth agenda and Americans decide it’s time to go there again.

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