It’s no coincidence, comrade

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ObamaCare Ahead - Caution SignOur headline was a familiar phrase in the old Soviet Union, uttered when misfortune suddenly befell someone who happened to be out of favor with the regime.  It’s equally applicable to the Laurel-and-Hardy-style rollout of the Obamacare insurance exchanges.

But almost entirely absent from millions of words of commentary is something we’ve told people for four years. The customary response is a polite nod and a bewildered expression on hearing what must seem inconceivable: namely, that Obamacare was designed from the beginning to implode. An exercise in political cynicism dwarfing anything previously seen in this country, Obamacare’s predictable failure is contrived specifically to justify a government rescue—the perverted logic being that the health care system is so badly broken, nothing can fix it short of a 100 percent government takeover.

The Wall Street Journal has come close. An editorial last Tuesday said that without young, healthy people who don’t want insurance signing up to pay the toll, premiums won’t cover the cost of claims from the sick and elderly, whereupon, “the 36 malfunctioning exchanges could take an entire market down with them.”

“Could?”  Our point is that’s exactly what Obamacare was supposed to accomplish in the first place: the extermination of private sector health insurance.

The past week’s announcement that half a million private insurance policies are being cancelled in California because providers can’t afford to comply with Obamacare coverage mandates is no coincidence.

Neither is the cancellation of hundreds of thousands more private policies in Florida and other states.

The embarrassing rollout may be a genuine surprise, attributable to the administration’s arrogance. Still, the Obama administration theoretically ends January 20, 2017 and they haven’t much time to waste. Whoever comes next might not intend to remedy a big-government disaster with a bigger one.

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