It’s ISIS! Fire the marshmallows!

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a bit overdoneSometimes we can’t resist combining apparently unrelated developments to draw a lesson about the way things are.  On second thought, maybe not so unrelated.

Last week the King of Saudi Arabia—who probably has a pretty good grasp of what his enemies are up to—warned that the ISIS terrorist army rampaging through Iraq will strike Europe and the U.S. within months.

That was about the same time that the President of the United States said his administration doesn’t have a strategy to defeat ISIS.  How about, “Keep calm and run for your lives?”

Near simultaneously arrived word of a Vermont diner praised by local officials for bravely caving in to people who objected to a sign advertising its bacon.  Lost in the refined discussion of cultural sensitivity was the distinction between declining to consume pork and objecting to the existence of people who do.

Then the U.S. Justice Department, in need of no extra time to develop its strategy, aimed its legal firepower against St. Anthony, Minnesota (pop. 8,220) for refusing to permit establishment of an Islamic Center in violation of local zoning. Conspicuously absent was any reference to disappointed Islamic groups suing over the village’s decision; apparently the Justice Department has formed a coalition of one.

Unwilling to be shown up by the Department of Justice, another arm of the federal government, the Forest Service, has perfected a strategy to keep Americans safe—when roasting marshmallows.

We hope we’re missing something.  Maybe the administration is secretly planning to invite ISIS over for healthier, fruit-filled s’mores—and give them roasting sticks that are only 24 inches long. Imagine the carnage.

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