It doesn’t have to be pretty

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gotprivilegeBy the time you read this, a deal may have been struck to restart the small portion of the federal government that’s been shut down, or not.  And the federal debt limit may have been extended to avoid a default, or not.

In both cases, the single most important thing to remember is that were it not for the Obama administration’s contrived theatrics, hardly anyone would have noticed. Absent the administration’s special efforts to create hardship where none need exist, the shutdown would have passed without a ripple. And a default would, or will, occur only if the administration deliberately chooses to spend steadily incoming revenues for purposes other than servicing the nation’s debt.

Let there be no confusion, if there is a default, it will be by the choice of Barack Obama, not of Republicans in Congress, who don’t get to make that choice.

No mystery here:  Surely most of us knew that malicious kid in the neighborhood who obtained perverse gratification by damaging other people’s things and falsely blaming others. The only mystery is how the leading nation of the free world allowed itself to be duped into twice electing a president whose daily pursuit of power consists of inflicting damage on his countrymen so as to falsely blame others.

The most innocent explanation would be that he otherwise has nothing to offer, as in n-o-t-h-i-n-g. From there, every alternative gets worse.

So even if you find their strategy ham-handed and predestined to fail, don’t judge congressional Republicans too harshly.  Standing up against a dangerously destructive political program needn’t be an artistic success. One has the sense that a majority of Americans are weary of Obama and wish him gone. It’s still up to Republicans to make sure they understand why.

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