School Reform

Thomas Jefferson once said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”  The Wisconsin Club for Growth echoes this sentiment. We believe that a sound educational foundation plays a vital role in maintaining the American Dream. Yet today, many of our children are trapped in failing schools, doomed to a life of dependency because they have been left without the basic education needed to succeed.  It is our goal to ensure that every child, not matter what race, creed, color or social station has access to a quality education by working to break the educational monopoly and reform the current school system.


Despite the fact that the United States per student expenditure is greater than all but one other industrialized nation, the U.S. was ranked 17th  for the quality of the education offered to our children. In Wisconsin, over $11,000 is spent every year on each student in the Wisconsin Public Schools. Yet, according to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Education, the vast majority of the students in the system fail to read at a proficient level.  Simply stated, the status quo is not working.  In order to ensure that our children have a chance at a quality education, The Wisconsin Club for Growth supports a multi-tiered approach to educational reform based upon the principals of competition, accountability and high standards.


  • Support the expansion of school vouchers, so no child is forced to attend a failing school
  • Promote the expansion of charter schools which demonstrate creative approaches to boosting student achievement.
  • Back efforts to end the policy of teacher tenure and reward outstanding teachers through pay for performance initiatives
  • Work with legislators, educators, parents and the business community to establish a system of evaluation that holds all schools that receive public funding accountable