Jobs & the Economy

We believe that the most sustainable path to a strong economy and positive job growth is when government sets policy that treats private business as a partner in people’s success and that encourages the American entrepreneurial spirit. When this principle is applied, the economy thrives and people have the best opportunity to find fulfilling, family supporting jobs. Contrarily, we believe that when government views business as an adversary that needs to be controlled with a complicated web of regulation, a punitive system of taxes and the threat of endless litigation that the economy stagnates. At the Wisconsin Club for Growth we are dedicated to working with both government officials and the business community to help establish a rational, pro-growth business climate both nationally and in our home state of Wisconsin.


Under President Jimmy Carter the nation was stuck in the malaise of stagflation, an economic tailspin of rising inflation and stagnant business activity which led to high unemployment and despair.   Ronald Reagan then became President and declared, “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem”. This basic belief that if government simply got out of the way, that the economy would rebound and America would once again be the world’s economic leader “resulted in the largest peacetime economic boom in American history and the creation of thirty five million additional jobs.” Today, America is once again struggling to grow the economy and provide the jobs that the American people so desperately need. In order to get the economy again moving in the right direction, our leaders must once again embrace the economic policies of Reagan that have been proven to spur long term economic growth.

In Wisconsin, a different story is beginning to emerge, despite the weighty burden of a stagnant national economy. In the past, Wisconsin has been ranked as having one of the worst business climates in the nation. But, thanks to recent efforts to create a more welcoming environment, our state is quickly moving up the ladder in places for businesses to locate, expand and create jobs. In order to continue moving Wisconsin towards a brighter future, the Wisconsin Club for Growth supports additional efforts to reduce the obstacles of unnecessary regulation and to reform the complicated business tax code.


  • Advocate for middle-class tax cuts in order to speed the economic recovery on both the national and local level
  • Petition for a property tax freeze to help ease the Wisconsin tax burden and make more income available for small business investment
  • Back efforts to increase state funding for venture capital investments in support of entrepreneurial Wisconsin companies
  • Help promote communication between the business community and government job training programs in order to close the Wisconsin jobs skills gap
  • Support efforts to improve the infrastructure of roads, bridges, freight rail, ports and airports in order to ensure Wisconsin businesses have reliable modes of commerce