The access and affordability of quality health care weighs heavily on the minds of all Americans and with good reason. Over the last twenty years, health care costs have skyrocketed, consuming a much greater portion of national, state and local budgets.  At the same time, the price tag on health insurance has risen to a point where many families are finding that they simply cannot afford to pay insurance premiums. The Wisconsin Club for Growth believes that while the health care system in the Unites States offers the world’s most advanced hospitals, best doctors and is at the forefront of cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment, the rising cost of health care and health insurance coverage begs for major reform.  In order to achieve sustainable change, we support the development of a health care system based upon patient-driven choice and free market competition.


Over the course of the last decade the cost of a family health insurance policy has more than doubled. The overall national health care expenditure has risen to 2.7 trillion dollars, accounting for 17.9 percent of the gross domestic product. The rising cost of health care is a crisis that the Social Security Advisory Board referred to as “the most significant threat to the long-term economic security of workers and retirees.” Despite the campaign promises that passage of the Affordable Care Act would save over $200 billion in the next decade, an entirely different picture has begun to emerge. With the first stages of the implementation of Obamacare underway, health care costs are projected to continue grow at a much faster pace than the overall economy, adding an additional burden to the already strained federal budget. A different approach to health care reform is needed. Instead of a system based on government red tape, restrictions and rationing our elected representatives in Washington must embrace a model of reform that relies upon the principles of choice and completion in order to control the costs of health care and make the best health care system in the world an affordable option for all Americans.

In Wisconsin, the forces in favor of big government are pushing for the expansion of the Medicaid coverage to an additional one hundred and seventy five thousand residents without fully understanding the financial consequences. National experts predict that the federal government will be unable to live up to its promise to fully fund the program and that states who decide to expand Medicaid coverage face extra costs that would negate recent state and local budget improvements. In order to control costs and ensure health care access to all without adding an additional financial burden to Wisconsin taxpayers, we support Governor Walker’s plan to allow low-income patients to sign up for the federal government’s regulated exchanges for subsidized private-sector insurance. This plan not only ensures that the poorest Wisconsin residents have health care, but helps to break the cycle of government dependence.


  • Work with Wisconsin’s Senators and Congresspeople to overturn the Affordable Care Act
  • Advocate for passage of free market health care reform such as the Patient’s Choice Act
  • Back efforts to prevent Wisconsin’s expansion of Medicaid in order to prevent future unfunded budgetary obligations
  • Collaborate with state health care providers to develop a system of price transparency in order to gain cost savings based on competition
  • Help promote a system that ensures all Wisconsin residents have access to affordable health care