NEW! Little Shop of Obamacare Horrors

A small business owner who isn’t due to renew his plan until July of 2014, received a letter from his healthcare provider with this deal: Start paying X more per month in December of 2013 and we won’t we won’t jack up your rates even more next July.   The company blames the Affordable Care Act for the rate hike.


In the early part of the 21st century, America had become the nation of buy now, pay later.  Most people believed that spending beyond one’s means was the path to the American Dream.  But the Great Recession forced people to rethink how they viewed spending.  As families struggled to make ends meet, they realized that large sums of debt put their dreams at risk. Unfortunately, government has not learned the same lesson. Today, we face a national spending crisis. After recently raising the debt ceiling in order to prevent the United States from defaulting on its loans, the Federal Government’s refusal to cut spending is propelling the nation towards yet another financial day of reckoning. The situation is no better on the local level. States all around the country are facing spending problems caused by underfunded pensions and other entitlement obligations that threaten to bankrupt the public coffers.  At the Wisconsin Club for Growth, we believe that we must act now in order to prevent our children’s future from being buried under a mountain of debt and skyrocketing taxes. We call upon government on all levels to cut spending, reform entitlement programs and find sustainable ways to meet their financial obligations.


The access and affordability of quality health care weighs heavily on the minds of all Americans and with good reason. Over the last twenty years, health care costs have skyrocketed, consuming a much greater portion of national, state and local budgets.  At the same time, the price tag on health insurance has risen to a point where many families are finding that they simply cannot afford to pay insurance premiums. The Wisconsin Club for Growth believes that while the health care system in the Unites States offers the world’s most advanced hospitals, best doctors and is at the forefront of cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment, the rising cost of health care and health insurance coverage begs for major reform.  In order to achieve sustainable change, we support the development of a health care system based upon patient-driven choice and free market competition.


We believe that the most sustainable path to a strong economy and positive job growth is when government sets policy that treats private business as a partner in people’s success and that encourages the American entrepreneurial spirit. When this principle is applied, the economy thrives and people have the best opportunity to find fulfilling, family supporting jobs. Contrarily, we believe that when government views business as an adversary that needs to be controlled with a complicated web of regulation, a punitive system of taxes and the threat of endless litigation that the economy stagnates. At the Wisconsin Club for Growth we are dedicated to working with both government officials and the business community to help establish a rational, pro-growth business climate both nationally and in our home state of Wisconsin.


Thomas Jefferson once said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”  The Wisconsin Club for Growth echoes this sentiment. We believe that a sound educational foundation plays a vital role in maintaining the American Dream. Yet today, many of our children are trapped in failing schools, doomed to a life of dependency because they have been left without the basic education needed to succeed.  It is our goal to ensure that every child, not matter what race, creed, color or social station has access to a quality education by working to break the educational monopoly and reform the current school system.


We believe that taxes should only be used to fund the necessary, core functions of government. By adhering to this basic principal, a rational tax policy does the least amount of damage to families and businesses, limits the size of government and stimulates economic growth. It is our goal to help promote pro-growth tax policies on the national, state and local levels in order to enhance America’s competitiveness in a global market place and improve the lives of all American citizens.