Is the race card self-trumping?

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Not my lucky dayYou’ve seen it played in the Wisconsin Legislature; by Democrats in congressional leadership; by the U.S. Attorney General floating smarmy hints to energize his party’s demoralized voters.

There’s no question that group slander labeling Republicans as racists is a preferred weapon of the Left for this fall’s elections and frankly, whenever anyone disagrees with their policies.

There is, however, a big question whether playing the race card will work.

Political writer Sean Sullivan of The Washington Post asked that question Monday, pointedly wondering if the Democrats’ obvious strategy might backfire.

This cynical exercise is intended deliberately to aggravate racial animosity in hopes of increasing minority turnout, which declines in midterm elections.  Sullivan quotes Barack Obama describing the Democrats’ base, saying “They get excited about general elections; they don’t get as excited about midterm elections.”

What this describes—never mind age, race or gender—is a voter who rather than examine issues and choose advocates to advance them, hopes to pick a single champion, naively assuming that person will then proceed to make everyone else behave as the voter wants.  Remember “Hope and Change,” carefully left undefined?

We see two factors that could unravel the strategy:  Young voters might accept libel against Republicans but too many have grown up associating freely with people of different ethnicity to readily believe racism is as pervasive as Democrats claim.

And who does the strategy motivate most effectively? Most Conservatives are anxious to head for the polling place. Being lied about in this odious way could electrify any Republican who wasn’t already eager to fight back at the ballot box, and spark a mind-boggling GOP turnout in November.

That would be a worthy rebuke to a contemptible and dangerous grab for power by any means.

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