Is the net closing on the IRS?

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netConsidering who runs the U.S. Department of Justice, it’s hard to be optimistic about an honest investigation of the Internal Revenue Service and its political targeting of Conservatives.

Nevertheless, no matter how hard the media try, people can tell there is something to see here.

Lois Lerner popped up again the week before last, in news that she’d told colleagues to be careful what they wrote in emails because Congresspersons might ask to see them.  Is it just us, or is that something you wouldn’t expect a public official to say unless they had something ugly to hide?

Still, Lerner strikes us as unlikely to be the strategic mastermind behind a nationwide program of political suppression, so it might be about time to suggest she start weighing her choices between spending several of her retirement years in an orange jumpsuit, or spilling on whoever put her up to the commission of what smells like a long string of federal felonies.

If felonies they are, it will be verified sooner or later. Dealing with a rancidly politicized Justice Department is one thing, but when federal judges get into the act, demanding to see the evidence, that is quite another.

And it looks like the evidence will be—or at least was—abundant. Monday brought word that more IRS employees (“fewer than 20”) have suddenly been found to have suffered computer crashes and loss of email. Interesting, that the higher the stakes go in gaining access to those documents, the more of them disappear. The growing number of people with potential liability means a growing probability that someone will talk. The fate of the First Amendment may come down to an IRS employee who can’t cope with the thought of prison.

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