IRS: worse than you imagined

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IRSRecent revelations about the Internal Revenue Service diminish the agency’s harassment of Conservative organizations in the broad scheme of things, simultaneously exposing something even more sinister.

Let’s connect some dots.

A story last week illuminated the agency’s indifference to its responsibility for protecting taxpayers’ personal information, putting countless Americans at risk of identity theft by handing vital information to contractors without bothering to do background checks.

It’s different for people the Obama administration likes.  A few days before the contractor story, the agency issued a free pass for illegal immigrants.

Also last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that an attorney formerly employed  in Lois Lerner’s IRS office was recently assigned by the Justice Department to a lawsuit brought by a group claiming it became an  IRS target for supporting Israel—during that same lawyer’s IRS tenure.

He’s now off the case, but the Justice Department’s phony IRS investigation is still running out the clock. Nevertheless, smelly details keep coming out as private lawsuits dig for the truth.

In Ohio a federal judge—a Bill Clinton appointee—has decided that a Tea Party lawsuit against the IRS will go to trial.

And last week in Washington, another Clinton appointee, Judge Emmett Sullivan, made it clear that the agency has about run him out of patience, after conflicting testimony made it obvious that someone at the IRS has been lying in Sullivan’s one-man investigation of “lost” emails. Bad idea, lying to a federal judge.

The picture emerging is not of an agency that strayed on one occasion by going after Tea Party groups, but of a multitasking political army dispensing favors or conducting vengeance.

In other words, an agency rotten to the core.

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