IRS: Now It’s About the Cover-up

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irs ahead post signWe’ve been neglecting the Internal Revenue Service, and that’s like not bothering to fish where you know the big ones are.  Let’s catch up on what we’ve missed this past month.

At the beginning of September it was revealed that the ever-righteous Lois Lerner, confronting stark evidence that labor organizations lied either to her IRS or the Labor Department about millions of dollars in political spending, decided there was nothing to see here.

Three days later, even the Washington Post couldn’t ignore apparent destruction of evidence as the IRS was found to have scrubbed clean Lerner’s Blackberry—with the congressional investigation of agency wrongdoing underway.

Days after that, the Breitbart news organization said it was targeted for an IRS audit and suspected retaliation for its reporting.

The same day, Commentary Magazine examined brutally straightforward evidence that Eric Holder’s Justice Department is up to its eyeballs with the IRS in a multi-agency cover-up of official crimes, past and, evidently, ongoing.

The Orange County Register pointed out the formal name for what the IRS, Justice Department, and congressional Democrats appear to be engaged in. It’s called “Obstruction of Justice.”

Meanwhile, the spinmeisters at POLITICO hint that we should believe Lerner’s trouble stems from IRS personnel persisting in bad behavior despite her best efforts to keep things honest.
National Review has a better real-world perspective.

NR is right. Lerner’s long-ago and highly questionable invocation of the Fifth Amendment doesn’t prove her guilty of any crime, but does make clear that things she knows would put her and likely numerous others in deep legal jeopardy. The truth might be served by encouraging her to visualize how she’d look in an orange jumpsuit.

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