Intended Consequences

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obamacare ahead warning conceptual postPerhaps long ago, concerning Liberal social policy, one could plausibly believe in unintended consequences. That would have been before the grand experiment played itself out for—very conservatively—half a century.

Nowadays, to look at some agonizingly predictable multi-billion dollar fiasco and call it an example of unintended consequences is the equivalent of saying we are governed by imbeciles. We don’t believe we are governed by imbeciles.

We believe when a policy produces exactly the result anyone with an ounce of sense would expect, that result was intended.

By now, alert readers may have guessed we are thinking of last Friday’s Wall Street Journal story, reporting that the Affordable Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare, is forcing massive insurance premium increases; in other words, making care unaffordable. The leading provider in New Mexico, for instance, seeks to increase premiums more than 51 percent next year.

For the vast majority of New Mexico residents, a 51 percent price increase for health insurance will be simply incomprehensible. But remember ex-Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel counseling against letting crises go to waste? Nothing could better exemplify what he meant than crippling health insurance cost increases, the tailor-made excuse for government to demolish and take over the health insurance industry, the objective from Day One.

The dirty secret is that sometimes the crisis must be manufactured by destroying things that work, so as to replace them with things that aggrandize government, functional or not.


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