Here We Go Again

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SpyingFor readers under 60, the name Frank Church won’t ring many bells.  Readers over that age will recognize the late Idaho Senator as the Diane Feinstein of the 1970s, and realize that the reckless moral preening exhibited last week by Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats is nothing new.

History may not always repeat itself but one sure bet is that wars supported at the outset by Democrats will be denounced by Democrats the instant they see political gain in doing so.  So it is with the War on Terror, so it was with Vietnam.

Maybe Vietnam was the right place for a confrontation, maybe not. But what most Americans, including most Democrats (at the time) saw as the expansion of murderous communism, Senator Church saw as evidence of an “awakening world” where the exercise of American power was a very bad thing.

About the time that war ended, Church went hunting for criminal conduct by the U.S. intelligence community. Sound familiar?

Through it all, the handmaiden of Liberal efforts to bollix U.S. intelligence-gathering, a/k/a The New York Times, has been there to chronicle their success, then:

…and now:

In the late 1970s the Church committee gutted and demoralized U.S. intelligence. By the early 1980s Islamist terrorism was on the rise.

Knowing what we know about the inhuman savagery of radical Islamists it’s prudent to assume they never cease plotting. When we pass a day without hearing they’ve committed some obscene barbarism, it’s because that day, the barbarians were thwarted or delayed by actionable intelligence.  They stop committing evil when they are dead and the United States Government has no higher or better purpose than to render them so.  Crippling its intelligence capabilities assures a result we’ve seen before.

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