He can’t change the law.

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obamacare ahead warning conceptual postEager for results, some will say we quibble over technicalities.  But those who define the vocabulary of the debate win the debate. Quibbling is worthwhile.

We quibble here with friends who complain that Barack Obama “changes the law” to escape political punishment for his willfully destructive “Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act.”

Accurate labeling demands that repeated delays of Obamacare mandates and deadlines be referred to not as “changing the law,” but as what they really are, which is “rule by decree.”

Memo to the administration: You don’t get to do that here. We think you know it, and suspect you’ll go absolutely as far as you can until someone stops you.

Was the President joking when he said “I can do whatever I want?” If so, it was an untimely experiment in self-deprecating humor suggesting wry humility–a concept with which this administration has not previously exhibited familiarity. In any case, prudence dictates the assumption that some people never joke.

But the nationwide glut of unused irony stored up by the past five years’ presidential pronouncements is being rapidly drawn down by the effects of Obamacare manipulations. Trudge on to the 15th paragraph of this Reuters account, and you’ll read that nobody may have standing to sue against these illegal acts because nobody has been harmed by them. Obama has spared people from harm by illegally blocking the application of the malicious law he designed.

Nothing more starkly illuminates the Orwellian world we inhabit today. If scornful disregard for “the consent of the governed” is the most glaring abuse in rule by decree, its runner-up is not to be overlooked: Those who bow to today’s decree must know they may be told tomorrow to bow to its opposite.

It’s not as if he’s leaving you unharmed intentionally.

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