Happy Thanksgiving, here’s your layoff notice

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pinkslipLast Wednesday, while lots of families were getting turkeys ready for the oven, the Obama Environmental Protection Agency served up a turkey of a different sort, to borrow Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce’s apt description.

The turkey in question is a new ozone regulation, ridiculously tightening the existing and fully adequate standard to one many areas of the U.S. won’t be able to meet without curtailing energy use and, especially, new growth of manufacturing businesses.

Some of the areas that can expect problems meeting the new standard are in eastern Wisconsin. The way it works is, if you aren’t in “attainment” of the federal ozone standard, no emissions can be added. Nothing new can get built unless something else shuts down:  before a new manufacturing facility could be built, one with a higher emissions profile would have to cut back or close.

It’s been that way for years, but the existing standard is achievable—sorry—“attainable.”

Attainable, though, isn’t what seems to interest the current EPA crowd. What interests them seems to be how far they can go, messing with private business, limiting economic activities to those that suit their tastes, and restricting energy use.

It shouldn’t pass unnoticed that barely a month ago, WMC was warning about the costs to Wisconsin consumers from an entirely different Obama EPA regulation, the pending carbon dioxide emissions rule.

All of this is happening because the administration is conducting an ideological jihad against any activity that depends on reliable sources of energy.  Let’s hope the new Congress has the fortitude to pull the EPA’s plug before it succeeds in pulling countless others.

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