Happy (belated) Earth Day!

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happysadpostYesterday was the holiest feast day of the year for observant environmentalists, whose faith must be sorely tested by attempts to resolve the contradiction that in their world, good news is bad news.

A report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts a less dire “global warming” forecast than previous reports, acknowledging a lesser degree of human influence and dropping specific projections of higher temperatures. Failing to make headway, the environmentalists turn to their tactic of choice: yell louder.

Over the decades, one can’t help noticing that the crises come and go but the remedy is always the same. A new ice age bears down? Government must increase taxes and regulation and tighten controls on energy use!  The planet will overheat dangerously a century from now?  Increase taxes and regulation and tighten controls on energy use!

The Gallup organization, which appears to want to believe in human-induced climate disaster and the prescribed statist solutions, laments the sharp partisan divide between most Republicans rejecting the catastrophe scenario and most Democrats rushing to embrace it.

Gallup and others might consider that rather than respect versus disrespect for “science,” the partisan chasm may reflect the fact that that both groups know how they think human affairs ought to be managed and fully understand the implications of trying to manage them as if governments were capable of regulating Earth’s climate.

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