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Dictionary Series - Politics: attorney generalIs it just unholy coincidence, or is Susan Happ as unserious as her record suggests, where crimes that offend human decency are concerned?  Even the mainstream media haven’t ignored the Jefferson County D.A.’s remarkable string of—at best—bad prosecutorial decisions on heinous conduct.

Thanks to Mediatrackers, there’s yet another example of the Democrat who wants to be Wisconsin’s Attorney General going needlessly soft on a sexual predator.  This is no campaign hit piece, it’s an example of alternative media reporters performing due diligence examining public records.

Combined with Happ’s conflict of interest in shunting aside sexual assault charges against a man with whom she had a land contract, her office’s subsequent effort to silence the victim, and her perhaps overzealous effort as a  defense attorney for a serial sex offender, it’s hard to dismiss a pattern of—again, at best—inattention to the priorities people expect in a state’s top law-enforcement official.

At a lesser level was the miraculous deliverance of ex-Democratic Party P.R. flack Graeme Zielinski, who emerged from  a Jefferson County prosecution convicted of first-offense drunk driving, despite two prior OWI convictions.

Then last week, overplaying the “war on women” theme, the Mary Burke campaign rolled out an anti-Walker TV ad featuring—OOPS!a woman who turned out to be on the wrong end of past domestic abuse complaints. How’s that relevant here?  Susan Happ.

Read that story to the end and you’ll find the best part: They’re getting the band back together. Disgraced ex-Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager shows up again to defend Happ’s and Burke’s bad judgments. At least she has experience with such things.

The Three Amigos have a few more weeks to ride.  Enjoy the show.

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