Government of the people?

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alcatrazzIf it’s true the American people get the government we deserve, then the vileness of the two front-running candidates for president is telling us something and it’s not just about them.

Consider that, unless things change promptly in the nominating contests, whichever party wins in November we will have elected a leader who amply meets the eligibility criteria for a stretch in a federal pen.

Alongside the apparent fraud that was Trump University, there’s the matter of the tycoon’s sealed settlement a few years back in the rampant breakage of federal immigration law—yes, Trumpkins, immigration law—through mass-hiring of illegal immigrants for the construction of Trump Tower.

Moreover, it’s hardly necessary, nor are there sufficient hours in a day, to recite the Democratic front-runner’s decades-long history of apparently uninterrupted criminal conduct.

It would be foolhardy to presume this has never happened before. At the levels of power enjoyed by front-running presidential candidates even before they’re elected, opportunities for abuse abound and availing oneself of such opportunity is a failing of human nature.  But what certainly is unprecedented is the two current front runners’ unconcealed expectation that no matter how bad their behavior, they will not and should not pay any part of the price that would be exacted upon others.

The overwhelming impression is of over-privileged adolescents who normal people couldn’t stand when they were 13, still deploying the tactics of their teen years to shield their delicate egos.

The haunting question is why we allow them to advance. One suspects it’s a transactional thing: someday we may want to get away with something disreputable and our chances improve if personal accountability is made a thing of the past.

But…if you dislike being governed by rotters, Step One is don’t be rotten.

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