Gov. Scott Walker wants most state workers to get 1% yearly pay raise

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel June 26, 2013

A general wage increase proposed by Gov. Scott Walker would be the first in four years for most rank-and-file employees and the first in five years for most managers, according to the administration.

The pay raise would cost more than $140 million over two years and apply to most state workers, including employees at University of Wisconsin System campuses. Employees making less than $15 an hour would see an additional increase of up to 25 cents an hour.

Walker’s Office of State Employment Relations released the plan to lawmakers Tuesday. It is to go before the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Employment Relations on Wednesday. If that committee approves the plan, no further action is needed.

The first set of raises would take effect Sunday and show up on employees’ paychecks at the end of July.

Elected officials would get the same pay bumps as typical state employees, but not until after the November 2014 elections. The raises would boost lawmakers’ salaries from $49,943 to $50,950 and the governor’s salary from $144,423 to $147,328.

Funding for the plan is included in the state budget now before Walker. He is expected to sign the budget by Monday, when the new fiscal year begins.

Through mid-2015, the raises and benefits changes would cost $142.6 million, with $65 million of that coming from state taxpayers, according to letters to lawmakers from Gregory Gracz, director of the employment relations office. The rest would come from the federal government, revenue from fees and other sources.

Some employees will fall under different pay plans. For instance, assistant district attorneys will receive a different set of automatic raises under a program that lawmakers incorporated into the state budget.

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