Global Warmists Jump the (Hybrid) Shark

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springthawAnalytically-minded fans of the 1970s-‘80s sitcom “Happy Days” trace its irreversible decline to a scene halfway through its ten-year run in which a water-skiing but leather-jacketed Fonzie jumps over a shark.

If it’s true that irreversible decline is foretold by preposterous stunts, then the pernicious global warming hysteria looks to be running its course. Leaders of the cult are making ever-more-fantastic claims to distract us from the long, bitter winter and the 17-year absence of any identifiable global warming trend.

Thus, in the whole vast ocean of nonsense that is climate politics, it now appears no shark will be allowed to go un-jumped.  Two weeks ago, warmists rolled out a claim that climate change will trigger more frequent sexual assault.

In case the threat of more rapes didn’t scare you into supporting a hefty tax on your carbon footprint, last week the warmists floated warnings of something really unthinkable: a guacamole shortage.

True believers have grown unmistakably thin-skinned. More than 100,000 recently petitioned the New York Times to dump columnist Charles Krauthammer. His offense? The unpardonable suggestion that humans may or may not affect Earth’s climate.

This past weekend, Senate Democrats said—“threatened” might be more apt—they would stay up all night Tuesday talking about global warming, flattering themselves with the unfounded assumption that someone might listen.

More people will likely listen to an independent commission’s report telling the German Parliament there is “no justification”—not economic, not technology-related, not for rescuing the climate—for continued subsidies to “green” energy producers. Even climate-alarmist Reuters reported it.

So maybe it’s almost over. In shark-jumping terms, the signs were plain to see more than two years ago.

Watch for the spring thaw to be seized on as cause for a general panic.

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